Have you ever wondered what happens in a baseball stadium after the lights go out? Find out this fall at a haunted attraction like no other. Venture through non-stop haunts throughout the entire stadium!  Will you survive? Fear awaits at The ExFEARience!

6 haunts in 1 location

Your exFEARience begins as you are welcomed to Eastwood Field by some of our “friendly” staff…They are few and far between so take advantage of the fact that these are the friendly ones and make sure you pay attention to the rules of the haunt as they prepare you for your completely immersive experience.  Be sure to get a picture of your group so that we can remember you for eternity…
Your first steps towards a true exFEARience begin as you navigate your way into the depths of Eastwood Field.  The spirits that reside here are concerned about your presense and you have been declared the hunted!  An interactive experience for those walking through the haunted house, those who are too scared and hanging behind and even those of you who decide to sit at home and partake in the ultimate exFEARience!
Isolation is a deprivation experience that will have monsters and demons breathing down your neck… literally! This unique and intense sensory experience is sure to create the ultimate psychological horror!  Traverse this haunt with the complete loss of your sight sense…Are  your hearing, touch and smell senses strong enough to get you to the end?  For everyone’s sake, we hope so…
Eastwood Estate Eastwood Estate
The residents of Eastwood Estate are the backbone of The exFEARience at Eastwood Field.  They work tireless hours to provide the best attraction in the Mahoning Valley.  The problem is, they are very protective of their belongings are very private and don’t like people all that much.  Who had the bright idea of walking through their residence as part of the attraction?  We get the feeling that this won’t end well…
The Factory The Factory
The inner working of The exFEARience are truly a sight to behold, but are not for the faint of heart.  Witness the fear that powers the exFEARience by travelling through the immersive steam factory in the depths of Eastwood Field.  It takes a lot of steam to power such a large attraction, the problem is no ones knows for sure what they burn to create the steam…we do know however that there are many missing persons reports in the area during Halloween season…
Corliss Thorne has traveled to Niles to act as the executor of his cousin Bertrand’s will. But like all the branches on the Thorne Family tree, this one is also hiding many secrets. Bertrand had accumulated several rare and strange “artifacts” on his world travels and now it’s up to Corliss to find these “artifacts” and take them home BEFORE the locals get suspicious and start poking their noses into places they don’t belong.

Additional Adventures

Escape The Manor Escape The Manor
You and your friends must solve the puzzles in this old manor to find it’s fortune. Once you have found the fortune, you must escape before getting caught!

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Electric Chair Escape Electric Chair Escape
This 2 minute escape game will have you and your friends competing for the best time!


The exFEARience HAUNTS

Admission to all haunts
Adults – $20
10 and under – $10

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Ticket Booth Open 7:00pm-10:00pm          Ticket Booth Open 7:00pm-11:00pm

Arrive Early!
The haunts open at 7pm unless noted. The ExFEARience is not open on dates not color coded.
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Fear Awaits
The ExFEARience remains open until all guests experience all haunts.


The ExFEARience at Eastwood Field is currently seeking volunteers for the current season! If you would like to join our team of talented and devoted actors then apply now online! You must be at least 16 years of age to act. No acting experience is necessary, we will train you! Being an actor requires a positive attitude, teamwork, and a desire to do your best. The ExFEARience is open Fridays through Sundays and select Thursdays from September 28 to November 3. We look for actors that can show up on time, work evenings and weekends, have transportation to and from Eastwood Field, and most importantly; love to scare people!


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